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Rehabs in Miami

Miami is one of the most popular and largest cities in Florida. The megapolis has about half a million residents. It is a statewide tourist, trade, entertainment, sports, and financial center. Being one of the largest cities, Miami is a haven for most citizens and millions of visitors. It is not only the most known touristic center but also one of the leaders of substance abuse in the U.S.

Sure, as in every city with such a big population, addictions and substance abuse are always a big problem. Drug and alcohol addiction rapidly increases in Miami. It causes overdose deaths from cocaine and opioids. However, opioid abuse is prevalent in the state.

It is simple to progress from a casual recreational or medicinal user to a drug addict. Most persons who have been prescribed medicines by a doctor do not plan to abuse them or get addicted to them. Seeking treatment from a reputable rehabilitation clinic might assist in breaking the cycle. Addiction is difficult and unpleasant. Recovery takes time and effort. Nevertheless, it is way more pleasant than living with active drug addiction.

Miami rehab centers

Dependence on substances does not happen in a short period. It takes time, and it surely requires some time to heal. Substance dependence is a chronic illness defined by difficult-to-control substance seeking and use despite negative effects. According to research, drug and alcohol addiction is curable and manageable. All you need is to decide on taking the rehabilitation project.

When it comes to dependence rehabilitation, anybody in Florida has numerous state-funded treatment options. Some are private facilities, while others are state-run medical centers. Yes, just like any other service, a treatment clinic has fees to pay. But most of them are free of charge.

Searching for alcohol and drug therapy clinics in Miami, you will come across several alternatives. The first step is to select the best treatment program for you. It is essential to pick a treatment project that is tailored to your specific requirements. The professionals at the rehab clinics will determine the project you require based on the drug to which you are addicted. Generally, you can choose from those mentioned below.

Residential Rehab Centers Program

The Residential Rehab Treatment project uses therapeutic techniques to help patients. They are to get insight, build coping skills, and obtain the stability needed to live a meaningful and healthy existence.

The residential rehab centers projects require patients to live at the therapy center for the rehabilitation period. It is because they need to have access to medical care all the time.

Among the therapy projects in Residential Rehab Centers are:

  • Screenings and evaluations
  • Medical, psychiatric, and psychological care are available
  • The individual, group, and family counseling are all available
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Prevention of relapse and overdose
  • Ongoing care planning

The project stabilizes the patient's life, treats substance abuse and high-risk behaviors. It also helps patients to reuse prevention techniques and offers medical, psychological, and psychiatric care.

Programs of Partial Hospitalization

When a person applies for a partial hospitalization program (PHP), that means he/she can get therapy during the day. After that, they return home. Sometimes, residents call PHP "day hab". In this case, they have some limited access to medical care. The medical supervision percent is lower. But they as well have passed the special detox project before applying for PHP.

The rehabilitation curriculum involves substance misuse classes. The classes include 12-step recovery programs. The rehab centers also organize therapies and yoga, sports, art classes during the healing process.

Programs of Outpatient Care

Patients in an outpatient treatment program might live either at home or on campus. They have little medical monitoring. They do not require detox nor have previously finished it. People, who have finished the residential rehab centers program, can also apply for outpatient care.

Correction-Based Treatment

Correction-based therapy includes Individual and group therapy. Not to forget about drug abuse educational sessions, case management, and other support services. They are available for convicted offenders.

Participants must be residents of Miami and have received a court-ordered referral for therapy. Participants receive a recommendation for aftercare assistance after their release.

How to make your loved ones apply for a rehab program?

Patients are generally monitored by professional staff. The detox from drugs or alcohol while surrounded by other people in recovery. Patients are given health and wellness options to help them heal. Many institutions enable family members to participate in the rehabilitation process.
Choosing a rehabilitation center should be a personal yet well-thought-out approach. Therapies might differ from one institution to the next. They mix cutting-edge medications with gentle healing power. For now, if you need to help your loved ones or even yourself to avoid substance abuse, you need to find the best rehab at first.

People suffering from substance abuse disorders are unaware of what is happening to them. They cannot believe they have come this far. It might lead you to lose hope and see them wreck their life. However, you may always get assistance in Miami.

When an adult develops a substance addiction, he or she may apply to a therapy center program. However, we all know that few individuals would do so. You may always suggest to your loved ones a rehab in Miami. However, it is more convenient to request that a psychologist or facility professionals talk with the person.

Perhaps it will assist them in locating a therapy program and beginning to change their life.

Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

Trauma Resolution Center

4343 West Flagler St

Miami, FL - 33134

(305) 374-9990

Agape Family Ministries

22790 Southwest 112th Avenue

Miami, FL - 33170

(305) 235-2616

Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center

2236 NW Miami Court

Miami, FL - 33127

(305) 573-4200

South Miami Recovery Inc

7520 South Red Road

Miami, FL - 33143

(305) 661-0055

Adaptive Center Drug and Alcohol Rehab

1411 Coral Way

Miami, FL - 33145

(305) 400-9908

Banyan Health Systems Integrated Adult Outpatient Services

3850 West Flagler Street

Miami, FL - 33134

(305) 774-3300

Family Recovery Specialists

9350 SW 72nd St

Miami, FL - 33173

(877) 228-5891

Fellowship House

5711 South Dixie Highway

Miami, FL - 33143

(305) 667-1036

New Horizons Community Mental Health Center

1469 NW 36th Street

Miami, FL - 33142

(305) 635-7444

Advocate Program

1150 Northwest 72nd Avenue

Miami, FL - 33126

(305) 704-0200

Miami Dade Community Services

1901 SW 1st Street

Miami, FL - 33135

(305) 631-8933

Borinquen Behavioral Health Resource Center

100 NE 38th Street

Miami, FL - 33137

(305) 576-1599

Jessie Trice Community Health Center

5361 NorthWest 22nd Avenue

Miami, FL - 33142

(305) 637-6400

Healthy Connections CMHC

2780 SouthWest 37th Avenue

Miami, FL - 33133

(305) 646-0112

Regis House

2010 NorthWest 7th Street

Miami, FL - 33125

(305) 642-7600

Village South Inc

169 E Flagler St.

Miami, FL - 33137

(305) 573-3784

Catholic Charities of Miami- Saint Lukes Center

7707 NW 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL - 33150

(305) 795-0077

Comprehensive Psychiatric Center- Central Miami

4790 NorthWest 7th Street

Miami, FL - 33126

(305) 529-5810

Thriving Mind South Florida

7205 NW 19th Street

Miami, FL - 33126

(305) 858-3335

Harbor Village Detox

9198 NW 8th Ave

Miami, FL - 33150

(786) 484-0497

Broward Addiction Recovery Centers (BARC Central)

1000 SW Second Ct

Fort Lauderdale, FL - 33312

(954) 357-4851

ACTS A.R.R.I.S Agency for Community Treatment Services

1048 NE Third Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL - 33304

(954) 598-0617

House of Hope Inc Residential/1st Street

908 SouthWest 1st Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL - 33312

(954) 524-8989

The Salvation Army Ft. Lauderdale Adult Rehabilitation Center

1901 W Broward Blvd

Fort Lauderdale, FL - 33312

(954) 463-3725

Faith Farm Ministries

1980 NW 9th Ave

Fort Lauderdale, FL - 33311

(954) 763-7787