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Encompass Rehabs in Sarasota

The city of Sarasota stands out for its mind-blowing places. It has plenty of fascinating and impressive sites. On one hand, its citizens enjoy everything it has to offer. On another hand, there are many struggling among them. The thing is that the rates of substance abuse are rising. Serious health conditions do not stay behind, too. The only real solution is clinics, especially encompass rehabs. Continue reading to learn more about them.

Everything You Need to Know about Encompass Health

Encompass Health provides proper healthcare. Its coordinated and thorough services address the needs of each person. During the healing process, the team cooperates with patients. They try to come up with personalized plans. Families and relatives also help with that.

The services are balance training and post-surgery rehab. The clinic offers back stabilization. In the same way, it treats injuries and manages pain. What is more, the clinic is a leader in therapy. Qualified therapists cure patients through effective procedures. Thereby, they manage opioid, drug, and alcohol addictions.


As we mentioned above, therapies are greatly used by encompass rehab hospitals. Licensed experts improve and balance the overall health. They employ various methods to boost physical condition. Tenacity is the key to starting the process.

Physical therapists aim for full wellness. They help with a progressive attitude towards recovery. Healing ways include exercises.

Occupational therapists apply high-tech equipment for better results. Everyday activities play their part, as well. With the help of these, patients regain their skills. The latter is necessary for daily tasks, work, and living.

Speech therapists seek working ways to improve talking skills. The same goes for swallowing functions. Effective techniques include oral exercises and courses.

Stay Time in Acute Rehab

Before starting a particular program, people worry about stay time. They wonder how long it will take them to recover. The big deal is that there is no certain answer. Indeed, no one can guess the process duration. States vary greatly. For example, someone may need to stay there for a couple of days. Others may need to be there for some weeks. It can even reach months!

Considering the given situation, a doctor may determine the time. He/she will have to take into account various factors. Those factors include but are in no way limited to:

  • Health history
  • The nature of an injury
  • Medical condition
  • Current wellness

Sometimes they also deem how much your insurance covers. In case you do not have any, other programs might work.

The average stay time is from 10 to 15 days. If you recover earlier, you can go home. Otherwise, you might have to stay longer until full recovery. Thus, receiving care in an acute hub for 100 days is quite reasonable.

An acute hub center is to address more severe needs. Being that a person may require more than three hours of therapy per day. Typically, it will cost a patient more money. Even so, prices are different for each center. So, an average center may charge up to $1600 a day. The total cost for a month would be somewhere between $45.000 and $50.000.

Although this may be true, there are cheaper centers as well. For example, a 30-day program might cost $6000-$18.000. This applies to acute rehabs. Prominent centers dare to charge relatively more. Their services can be worth from $20.000 to $60.000.

What influences the final cost is the services provided. If there is any type of therapy included, prices go up. The size of the room and board also play their part. Not to forget about used medicine. Modern centers also tend to have higher prices. The reason for this is advanced technology and brand-new methods.

It will be wise of you to check what your insurance covers. In case the insurance coverage ends, you will receive a notice in advance. Those with no insurance can look for free centers. There may be affordable programs out there as well.

Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota

This is the number one encompass rehab hospital in Sarasota. It is famous for its familiar and comfortable environment. There, the doctors treat amputation, arthritis, and cardiac care.

One of the most important functions of the clinic is stroke recovery. They make it easier for a person to overcome the effects of a stroke.

Another key point is that they manage pain and spasticity. The clinic has also made progress in assisting those with addictions. Call (941) 921-8600 to get in touch with the professional team.

Advantages of Sending a Person to Encompass Rehab

When it comes to encompassing health rehabs, there are many advantages. We have tried to speak about the most important ones.

Medical and Drugs Prescription Plans

Every person is different. Each condition has its unique sides. With this in mind, doctors do not heal all patients the same way. It is extremely crucial to design individualized plans. They indicate the most suitable way towards a fast recovery.

In a similar manner, medical workers prescribe medication for clients. In the first place, they check for allergic reactions. It is not that other institutions do not do this. The point is being that specialized clinics pay more attention to such matters.

Advanced Technology

Technology is essential to the healthcare industry. Modern equipment promotes better standards and practices. Today rehabs try to use the latest machinery. For example, wearable medical devices have become quite popular. Doctors usually have patients wear specific watches. They are for health assessment. In addition, the ill tend to cope with their struggles easily.

Success Rates

Even though substance abuse is increasing, so is the battle against it. It also applies to patients with injuries and disorders. Sometimes a person may need treatment for two or more illnesses at the same time. Encompass rehabs give their visitors this convenience. Accordingly, one may overcome a disorder. Meanwhile, he/she may receive emotional support.