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Florida State Rehabs

Rehabs in Tampa

The State of Florida is well-known for its partying habits. People adore getting relaxed in
different sites in Florida. This city is famous for its great climate and nice places to entertain
oneself. Unfortunately, entertainment habits can lead to alcohol and/or drug addiction, which are
frequent nowadays. See, we do not tell you it is always bad, but it is easy to abuse.

If you feel like you have problems with drug or alcohol addiction, wait no more. Now is the best
time to fight your weakness back. And we are here to assist you with a small guide on
rehabilitation in Florida.

Where should i get a drug and alcohol evaluation?

To begin with, your first step on your way to a better life is a substance abuse evaluation. A
quality evaluation is a process taking a few hours in a recovery place. It is a necessary measure
to understand what kind of care you need. It will also indicate how long it will take to detox your
life from substance obsession.

In addition, there are many good places in Florida. Almost all of them have testing and
evaluation services. You can pick one, like Phoenix House Florida, Neuropsychiatric Institute.
Not to forget about 7 Summit Pathways Recovery, Board Prep Recovery, etc. Each of them
provides high-quality treatment to support the behavioral wellness of patients.

Furnished with the best equipment, the rehabs here bring you the best possible result. They
assist you to recover from substance abuse effects, no matter how long the process will be. Just
trust experts and believe that mediation is what will return you to your best days.

What facilities are in Tampa, FL?

Note that there are different ways to fight substance abuse. You can recover with the help of
counseling programs. Both of these can be combined with attending support groups.
During counseling, a counselor or a therapist supports patients to understand circumstances
that lead to their substance abuse. Therapists and counselors decide on therapy opportunities.
When needed, they can unite with licensed professionals to manage MAT - a therapy that is
assisted by medication.

As we have mentioned above, support groups are another type of healing for substance addictions. A big number of support groups are available here if you need assistance during
your process. These groups create a place for anyone who has problems with drug or alcohol
cravings. They are to get some motive and empowerment from the ones who have passed the
same journey. Please remember that it might take some time, so do not quit! Know that if
anyone in this world could resolve a problem like this, then you can as well.

As for Tampa places, they are considered the best option for therapy for different conditions of
substance abuse. Rehab Recovery is a comprehensive plan created to help patients quit any
kind of substance abuse. If you feel like you cannot overcome your condition alone, then this is
the best way. It will help to bring back your mental health, the health of your body, and your

What are the types?

The main types are outpatient and inpatient therapy.

  • In the case of intensive outpatient therapy, a patient does not live in the rehab. He or she
    comes to rehab, receives the treatment, and goes back.
  • In the case of inpatient treatment, the patient stays there for a long time, usually for more
    than 28 days.

Rehabs in Tampa FL

There are many good specialty centers in Tampa, FL. These provide special plans that can be
individualized for anyone in crisis. Almost all of them have comfortable and pleasurable spaces
zoned especially for different procedures. The specialty places are suitable for both inpatient
and intensive outpatient therapy. Therefore, you might get your mediation inside and go home
or stay for a long period.

White Sands

The White Sands Center is one of the famous places. You may find 24/7 assistance and
individualized mediation in the White Sands center. Comfortable amenities, accommodation,
and food will wait for you in the treatment center, where the staff will treat you like a guest.
There are different levels of care here. They are inpatient detox, residential inpatient, day-night
treatment, and intensive outpatient. Thus, you will choose any length for your stay as the
programs at White Sands are very flexible.

Riverside Recovery

Another great place to get your substance and alcohol addiction treatment is Riverside
Recovery. At Riverside Recovery, you will have a complete detox of your mind and body from
alcohol and drugs. The Riverside Recovery provides total privacy and all-inclusive care.
Combined with a great waterfront location and convenient amenities, Riverside Recovery will
help you change your life in a better direction.

The price range for luxury centers in Tampa, FL

There are many other luxurious centers here. And their prices vary from pretty affordable ones
to remarkably expensive ones. Given that, the prices mainly depend on some factors like your
own condition, the location, and the neighborhood of the center. Not to forget about the
treatment type, your stay length, etc. All rehabs in Tampa FL, indeed, have different programs
and services. While some centers do not cost money, the price of others may reach some
thousands of dollars for a day in rehab.

There are inpatient programs that cost about $6000 for a 30-day treatment program. On the
other hand, other programs cost up to $30-60.000 for the whole course (from 30 to 90 or more
days, depending on your condition).

Is it possible to go to a rehab in Tampa with insurance?

In short, almost all centers here accept insurance plans. They also offer alternatives for
financing or provide financial assistance.

Substance abuse treatment may be covered by the following types of insurance:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Military insurance coverage
  • Medical insurance financed by the state
  • Private insurance plans

Do not hesitate to start your journey now and get back to sober living. Take your time, trust the
experts and go back to your healthy life!

Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

Agency for Person with Disabilities Suncoast Region

1313 North Tampa Street

Tampa, FL - 33602

(866) 273-2273

Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center Tampa

13815 N. Salvation Army Lane

Tampa, FL - 33613

(813) 972-0471

Sunspire Health Hyde Park

215 West Verne Street

Tampa, FL - 33606

(561) 469-5193

ACTS - Adult Addict Receiving Facility

3170 North 50th Street

Tampa, FL - 33610

(813) 367-2315

Drew Park Transitional Housing Program

4612 N. 56th Street

Tampa, FL - 33610

(813) 246-4899

Addiction Recovery Care of Tampa (ARC)

13719 North Nebraska Avenue

Tampa, FL - 33613

(813) 978-1300

DACCO Behavioral Health Men's Residential

3107 N 50th Street

Tampa, FL - 33605

(813) 635-0606

New Beginnings of Tampa

1402 East Chilkoot Ave

Tampa, FL - 33612

(813) 971-6961

WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Clearwater

1932 Drew Street

Clearwater, FL - 33765

(727) 270-9970

Pathfinder Counseling Inc

7511 Little Road

New Port Richey, FL - 34654

(727) 817-1360

Tranquil Shores

4300 Duhme Road

Saint Petersburg, FL - 33708

(727) 391-7001

WestCare Florida Outpatient

1802 North Belcher Road

Clearwater, FL - 33765

(305) 573-3784

Personal Growth Behavioral Health Inc

408 West Renfro Street

Plant City, FL - 33563

(813) 410-7513