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Rehabs in Bay

Rehabs in Bay

Bay County is located on the Gulf coast in the northwestern part of the state. According to 2020 statistics, it had about 175,000 population. Furthermore, Panama City is the seat. 

Additionally, the Panama City, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area includes this division. 

Substance Abuse Statistics in Bay County 

In 2020, Police reported that there were about 1,490 overdoses, which is an increase of 71% from 2019. The statistics show that about 8% of Floridians are using illicit drugs. So it is 1,5 million citizens. 

In addition, more than 93,000 people died of a drug overdose in the U.S. in 2020. In this state, the numbers were about 7,500 people. So this is an increase of 37% from 2019.

To decrease this statistic, there are rehabs in Bay County. 

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation 

Unfortunately, many people get into difficulties with the police because of their use of drinks or narcotics. Consumers will very certainly be forced to experience a court-ordered drink exam or a court-ordered drug assessment and evaluation if this occurs.

Court-ordered spirit and drug evaluation examine a person's history of substance misuse. Further, a narcotic abuse examination ordered by a court then assesses a person's present degree of substance misuse.

So the primary goal of a judicial spirit or pill examination and assessment is to identify any substance-related issues.

Inpatient, Outpatient, and PHP Rehab 


This care is treatment given in a hospital or other sort of this facility where you are hospitalized and stay for at least one night or longer, depending on your health.

So as an inpatient, you are cared for by physicians, nurses, and other health professionals at a facility.


Outpatient does not need hospitalization and can vary substantially. Aside from an annual bodily or a blood test, almost every other type of upkeep is categorized as an outpatient.

Consequently, these might include diagnostic tests, treatments, or other procedures.


Partial hospitalization is an organized psychiatric step that lasts numerous hours per day for 3 to 5 days per week. During the day, consumers attend arranged restorative sessions and go back home at night.

Rehab Centers in Bay County 

Recovery Bay Center

They specialize in obsession, drink, and panic. Furthermore, they are solving issues such as depression, grief, stress, coping skills, medication management, medical detox, bipolar disorder, and antisocial personality.

Besides, they are solving mental health problems like mood disorders. The targeted age is adults.

In addition, they are offering an Intensive Outpatient, as well as long-term and short-term residential options. Meanwhile, here are the treatment steps:

  • 12 Step
  • Pain Management
  • Substance Use
  • Depression
  • Dual Diagnosis

Moreover, the therapy types are art, CBT, and trauma-focused. You can go there alone, with your couple, and in a group. To learn about the rehab centers of other counties, for example, Alachua and Charlotte continue reading.

Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery 

The specialties they are offering are habit, substance use, and pill abuse. Additionally, they have problems such as chronic relapse, self-esteem, medical detox, coping skills, grief, and so on.

Besides, they target elders and adults. Their working community is veterans. Moreover, the cure approaches are equine therapy, small residential, 12-step, and so on. 

To sum up, the therapy types are CBT, culturally sensitive, IFS, MBCT, person-centered, art, gestalt, and trauma-focused.

Journey Pure 

They specialize in obsession, alcohol, and pill misuse. Further, they are working on issues such as BPD, depression, OCD, ODD, NPD, and stress.

Besides, they focus on mental health problems such as DID, mood, personality, thinking, and psychosis.

In short, they have cure approaches such as 12-step, obsession, Christian rehab, eating disorder, intervention, and wilderness.

Free Rehabs Without Insurance 

In case you do not have insurance, here are the free hubs where you can visit.

  • Chemical Addictions
  • Gulf Coast Addiction Medicine
  • Keeton House
  • CARE Detox Unit

How to Force your Teenager into Rehab? 

Rehab is only one treatment option for young addiction. Some grown-ups succeed in 12-step programs or with the help of a therapist. Others require intensive inpatient care. Inpatient removes your kid from the atmosphere that gave rise to their addiction. So this can help people stay straight without being tempted.

Before returning home, kids may practice new skills in a secure setting thanks to the holistic approach of rehab.