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Rehabs in Lafayette

Rehabs in Lafayette

Lafayette is among the most friendly and safe provinces in Florida. It has great natural views and parks to have a rest. There is not a lot of crime here. However, it also struggles with drug and alcohol issues like its neighboring provinces. As the statistics say, nearly 1 out of 5 people have some kind of dependency. Thus, the local authorities have to do their best to help them on their way to recovery. So, in this article, we are going to review rehabs in Lafayette county, Florida.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Usually, the first step toward addiction treatment is realizing that you have a dependence on drugs or alcohol. Thus, the second step is finding a proper program that should assist you to recover your health and make your life quality better.

Addiction Assessment

You can find countless options for treatment. And the starting point for it must be the evaluation process. Doctors and psychiatrists assess people for certain conditions. They also identify whether the addict has a co-occurring disease or dual diagnosis. This is especially important to plan the future curing program correctly.


Before beginning the most essential stage of recovery it is more beneficial to prepare your body by removing toxic substances from your organism. That is to say, it is essential to complete detox under medical supervision. In this case, you will prevent unwanted side effects.

Residential and Outpatient Methods

After completing the two mentioned acts, it is time to find the best healing program for your medical condition.

Here you have two variants. First is choosing residential or so-called inpatient service. In this case, you should take into account 24/7 active therapies in the facility. The course includes both group and individual meetings. Also, peer-to-peer support is highly beneficial. Along with these services, the centers allow family counseling, as well. The overall process lasts from 1 month to six. Sometimes it contains continuing care and follow-up.

Your next option is to enter an outpatient facility. If you are unable to quit your everyday lifestyle, job, or studies, then this is a great opportunity for you. You may visit your preferred center providing the said services a few times per week to get efficient therapies.

For some stages of your medication, you may need both curing methods. So, various clinics like Meridian provide in/out approaches to treating people of all genders and ages.

Recovery Insurance Coverage

If you want to be treated in rehab but face a financial shortage to do so, then you should know about insurance coverage. You may choose proper rehabs in Lafayette county, FL if you have one of these assurances:

  • Private and public health insurance

  • Medicare and Medicaid

  • Military assurance including Tricare, Tricare Plus, and Prime

Some clinics offer sliding scale pricing. This is mainly based on your or your family's regular income. So, it’s better first to contact the facility you want to enter and thus decide your next steps.

Forcing Your Loved Ones to Enter Rehabs in Lafayette County, Florida

One of the most painful things is watching how your relatives or friends suffer from dependence. You will most likely want to assist them anyhow. In fact, if substance abuse threatens the life of an addict or others there are certain prevention actions you can take.

If you deal with a teenager who resists getting treatment, you can force him to do so. Legally, the relatives and caregivers are allowed to oblige the underage people to their preferred rehab. Also, they have permission to make appointments with psychiatrists and doctors.

However, you should take into account all the cons and pros of obliging a teenager to enter a clinic. The biggest advantage is that they finally receive the crucial curing that should save their lives. Along with this, there is a big disadvantage, too. The patients themselves are not ready to begin the recovery and stop using narcotics or alcohol. If they realize the real need for rehabilitation then healing will be much more result-orientated and effective.