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Rehabs in Citrus

Rehabs in Citrus

Citrus is one of Florida’s provinces. It gained its name from its citrus trees. It is popular with its historical monuments, various shops, and recreation centers. Being such an attractive place to live it also suffers from drug and alcohol addiction problems. So, this article will discuss rehabs in Citrus County, Florida. 

Available Treatment Programs 

Starting a long and helpful journey to recovery is a serious and important decision. So, in this case, you need to be totally aware of all stages and steps to take to reach the best results.

The first thing you should do is obtain an assessment. For this, a doctor or a psychiatrist checks the possible co-occurring diseases, dual diagnoses, and mental health issues. Evaluation is a recommended step to make sure you choose a qualifying rehab or a plan.

Detox comes next. This is a good option to get rid of bad substances from your organism. However, to prevent side effects it is better to detox your body under medical supervision.

After completing the mentioned phases, you should move forward to select a proper healing program. So, there are two main methods you can apply for. The first is inpatient treatment. Here you must consider a 24/7 stay in the hospital. You will receive all the needed therapies, group, and individual meetings. Also, you should get after-care, and continuing follow-up during the whole treatment process. 

Yet, in case you have regular work or studies and can not leave it by staying in the clinic you have to choose an outpatient method. So, you are not obliged to live in a facility. Moreover, you should visit it a few times a week.

Overall, the courses last from 30 to 90 days.

In different phases of recovery, the patients may prefer to submit the combination of both approaches. For those who like none of the mentioned ways, there are very effective tele-therapies run by licensed specialists. They meet with people via video and audio calls or textual chats. 

Luxury Rehabs 

Even though the prices for luxury rehabs are relatively higher than in the ordinary ones some patients choose to pass the therapies there. These facilities are full of luxurious amenities and high-level services for their convenience. So, in the list below, you are able to reveal some of them: 


If you have decided to begin rehabilitation therapies and face some financial issues, then you should know that some centers in this province accept insurance. You may apply for clinics with your Medicaid, Medicare, and private health insurance. Also, Military assurance is highly beneficial involving Tricare, Tricare Prime, and Plus.

However, if you own none of the mentioned options then you can submit for state assistance or qualify for sliding scale pricing. This is set according to your income. 

Forcing Teens To Enter Rehabs in Citrus County, Florida 

Treating dependence at an early stage is key to effective recovery. So, the addicted teenagers must realize this serious problem and enter a hospital willingly. Yet, in case they refuse to do so, parents or relatives must support them and try to convince them. However, if the adolescent is less than 18, then parents may select a good clinic, and make appointments with doctors without having their consent. 

Yet if the teenager is more than 18 y/o then neither caregivers nor parents have permission to decide instead of them. As an adult, they have to decide to get rid of dependence.