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Rehabs in Columbia

Rehabs in Columbia

Columbia is a county located in the State of Florida. The province seat is Lake city famous for its great historic architecture, beautiful nature, and appealing parks to visit.

Though it has a small area and population, people meet serious drug and alcohol dependence issues. So, in this article, we are about to discuss rehabs in Columbia County.

Addiction Treatment Process

Having drug and alcohol issues and realizing the need to get rid of them is the first step you take along the long yet effective recovery journey. By receiving prevention, coping education, and life skills, you will successfully return to your previous life as soon as possible.

Stages of Rehabilitation


The first step before even choosing a rehabilitation center is passing an evaluation. This is a crucial action to understand whether you have other co-occurring mental or other medical diseases to treat you accordingly.

You are able to find quality psychiatric nurses, doctors, and counselors to treat disorders related to substance abuse such as depression, behavioral and personality health problems, anxiety, etc.


Next follows detox. This is an act of removing all the unnecessary and toxic elements from your organism. This approves your efficient treatment in the upcoming stages.


After that, you have a good variety of facilities to select from. However, you should determine by which method you want to obtain healing. Consider that there are two ways: outpatient and inpatient.

The first method does not require you to stay at the facility for a long time. Just a few visits in a week and you will receive the necessary dependence therapies. This is especially convenient for those who have constant work or studies and can not quit them.

The other way is residential. In this case, you must move to your preferred rehab and obtain 24/7 healthcare therapies. Based on your condition, the healing process lasts from 30 to 90 days. Some hospitals provide both individual private services and group and family counseling.

Afterward, it would be better to have an outcome follow-up and integration plan to get back to your life before addiction.

Online Therapies

The amount of people choosing online courses and meetings has grown much due to social distancing. So, the licensed specialists are ready to provide online sessions and courses through video and audio calls, as well as text chatting.

This method is also beneficial because the patients do not have to move to another place rather than stay in their own homes.

Luxury Rehabs

Along with ordinary clinics, some patients prefer to enter luxury ones, too. The costs and luxurious amenities differ from one rehab to another. So, here are some of them listed below:

  • Meridian Behavioral Healthcare Inc - Having a good location in Lake City, the center offers detox, peer support, housing, and social skill development services. Also, you may find regular and intensive outpatient services here.

  • Resolutions Health Alliance PA - People who seek to find help against domestic violence and substance abuse issues can apply here for recovery.

Rehabilitation Insurance

Many patients encounter financial difficulties while covering treatment costs. So, it is important to know that you can enter some clinics with your private health insurance, Medicaid/Medicare, and Military assurance including Tricare, Tricare Prime, and Plus.

For qualifying individuals, there is financial assistance available such as sliding scale pricing according to their regular income.

Forcing Adults to Enter Rehab in Columbia County, Florida

If explained generally, then you are not allowed to force an adult to start recovery if he/she does not willingly decide this. However, if you deal with a teenager who is less than 18 years then you might get permission to send him to a clinic.

The most beneficial way to do this is to convince them to realize the dangers related to dependence. There are many medical experts and licensed counselors to assist them in this province.