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Rehabs in Hendry

Rehabs in Hendry

Compared to other counties of Florida, Hendry has a small population. This area located in the Heartland region is home to nearly 40,000 residents. However, even among these few people substance abuse is a countywide issue. It is especially a serious threat to youth and school-age teens.

Most addicts think that getting rid of addiction is hard or even impossible. This is partially true in the case when addicted people refuse to refer to specialists. So, quitting substance use alone without medical control makes the situation worse.

Thus, recovering sober life is possible if we take a professional approach to our problem. It is never shameful to accept your problem and start fighting against it.

To stop drug and alcohol spread the government conducts prevention projects. Rehabs in Hendry County have become an inseparable part of those programs. They provide proper care and quality counseling services to all.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Why is this step essential at the beginning of the cure? Because therapists use this information to understand where to start and how long to continue healing. Besides, they decide the intensity of therapies and the organism's demand for medication.

By answering a physician's questions we may give him an idea about our illness history. This helps to find the reasons and sources as well. The first process of assessment is a face-to-face or group interview with a physician.

Sometimes, family members or friends should also pass it for a comprehensive picture. Then if required, the patient should undergo screening. Procedure tools depend on the case and differ from one doctor and clinic to another.

Eventually, for deeper monitoring, you have to take blood or urine tests. Although there are limited rehabs in Hendry, FL, most of them offer evaluation services suitable for addicts of all ages and genders.

Treatment Plans in Outpatient and Inpatient Facilities

In fact, the main difference between healing programs is the intensity and length of procedures. Meanwhile, the types of therapies are almost the same. Counseling, detox, and aftercare are included in both of them.

Thus, in the case of outpatient care patients live with their normal routine and visit a rehab 2-3 times a week. However, residential treatment means settling at the hospital. The cure may last 30-90 days. This option is for severe phases of addiction.

Some centers offer a complex of services. For example, David Lawrence Center for behavioral health provides outpatient and inpatient care in one location.

Luxury Rehabs in Hendry, FL

Having a small territory, the county, accordingly, has few rehab centers. So, the choice is not wide here, but clinics in neighboring regions serve Hendry as well.

One of the nearest luxury clinics in West Palm Beach is Beachside. Tailored methods for each customer are one of the advantages of the hospital. Moreover, there are all the amenities for relaxation and comfort:

  • Swimming pool

  • Picturesque paths for horse riding, walking, and biking

  • Fitness room

  • Sea outings and kayaking

  • Yoga, etc.

The price ranges from $6,000-$20,000 based on customers' needs and preferences.

Forcing your Teen into Rehab

Firstly, let’s note that addiction is an individual problem. So, each teen may have different symptoms and attitudes. Therefore, parents have to react to the concern individually. However, some tips can be useful in any case:

  • Above all, set up a meeting with a counselor or former addict who is ready to share his success story.

  • Don’t blame your child instead of support. Otherwise, you will lose his trust and increase stress.

  • Ask to list reasons for refusal to enter a clinic. Then, explain the importance and benefits of healing.

  • If nothing works, control the situation by sending your teen to a recovery center without his approval. By the way, this is legal if the latter is 17 years old or younger.