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Rehabs in Highlands

Rehabs in Highlands

Highlands County is in the Florida Heartland region. According to 2020 statistics, it had about 101,000 residents. Furthermore, Sebring is the seat. The Sebring-Avon Park, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area includes this division.

Substance Abuse Statistics in Highlands

In 2020, about 8,32% of residents reported that they have used illicit drugs. The national average is 8,82%. Moreover, 41% of all cure admissions were for non-heroin drugs, in 2011.

Besides, the meth lab attack incidents increased by 77%. It is from 185 to 327 incidents in 2007-2012. These numbers are currently increasing and thus local authorities try to deal with substance misuse. For now, the most effective way to break down the increase is to open up addiction treatment centers and take care of the residents. 

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

A drug and alcohol assessment is a one-hour evaluation that involves a client's bio-psycho-social background as well as screening for probable substance misuse. This is usually a court-ordered assessment, although it can also be asked by an employer or another third party. Further, it is counseling and treatment services by Certified Addictions Professionals that can assist you in dealing with any pill or alcohol obsession. Nearly all rehabs in Highland County provide the service. 

In addition, restorative is always customized to each client and is based on their specific needs.

Inpatient, Outpatient, and PHP Care


Residents in inpatient care may entirely focus on becoming healthy and sober without the distractions of daily living. A typical day in restorative is meticulously planned and recorded. Furthermore, to promote rehabilitation, psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists engage with patients individually and in groups. Average inpatient lasts 28 days to 6 months.


For individuals with lasting dull pain opioid parting signs, outpatient detox may be a possible option for home detox. Outpatient is less harmful, more successful, and quicker than inpatient detox; the average clinic lasts 6.5 days.


Treatment Services for the Specialized Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). With a promise to provide patients with the appropriate degree of care, the Acadia Healthcare network offers a range of partial hospitalization programs at several of its sites.

Rehab Centers in Highlands County

Next Generation Village Teen

They specialize in addiction, child, and substance use. Further, they solve issues such as anxiety, depression, and self-harming. The programs are intensive outpatient, long and short-term residence. The approaches are depression, 12-step, and obsession. 

In short, the therapy types are CBT, DBT, EMDR, art, expressive art, person-centered, and so on.

White Sands Treatment Center Tampa

The metiers are drug, alcohol, and medical detox. They are offering solutions to cases such as ADHD, panic, OCD, grief, and so on. 

Besides, they are working on mental health cases such as impulse control, mood, personality, and thinking disorders. The age target is elders, adults, and teens.

Center For Discovery

They specialize in eating, child, and mood disorders. Further, they provide keys to cases such as anxiety, OCD, self-esteem, stress, family conflict, and so on.

Besides, they target adults, teens, and preteens. The cure programs are long and short-term residential. In addition, the approaches are eating, substance use, and so on.

Free Rehabs with No Insurance

Here you see the list of free rehabs that you can attend with no insurance.

  • Tikvah Lake Recovery
  • Lake Placid Health
  • Social Solutions

How to Force your Teenager into Rehabilitation?

Convincing your adults to go to cure is never easy. We recognize how crucial it is to assist your child in pursuing freedom and separation from self-destructive behaviors. Your teen may be hesitant to enter cure. Even with competent healthcare specialists on hand to answer questions and calm anxieties at every step of the road, rehab may be scary.