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Rehabs in Monroe

Rehabs in Monroe

Monroe County is a division located in Florida. The population was about 82,000 according to the 2020 census. Key West is the seat. Monroe County encompasses the Florida Keys islands and is part of the Key West Micropolitan Statistical Area.

In addition, the Florida Keys are home to almost 99.9 percent of the division's population.

Substance Abuse Statistics in Monroe

It had the second highest death rate in 2016. The overdose death rate was about 270 at that time. So it divides the top 93 percentile of pill overdose susceptibility.

Besides, from 2014 to 2016, there was a death rate of 25. Floridians were 22% more likely than the usual American to die from a pill or alcohol overdose.

This shows that the problem remains in this division. So for this aim, there are many rehabs in Monroe County.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

The first step toward recovery is to accept the situation. The second one is to evaluate whether an offender has a pill or spirit problem, a pill abuse examination is undertaken. The assessment also allows for the development of a treatment plan that is suited to the individual's specific circumstances

Moreover, if the evaluation reveals that you have a narcotic obsession issue, counseling is frequently advised. The nature of the regimens varies. In general, treatment programs must have a curriculum that includes counseling, checks, and risk reduction.

Inpatient, Outpatient, and PHP Rehab


Inpatient rehabilitation is a residential cure center where patients stay for a certain amount of time based on their project. Although most obsession antidote clinics offer lengthier programs, the middle stay is 30 days.


Furthermore, the vast majority of these hospitals provide family projects in which patients' relatives participate in family activities and rehabilitation. Each residential hospital has its rooms.


Outpatient therapy involves support networks as well as drug rehabilitation projects that may be taken at various times throughout the week. So, with this regimen, patients may go about their everyday lives and stay at home, but they must come into care for restorative and medication.


Although the framework of the project is similar to living at home and attending regular sessions, it is less frequent and for shorter periods. Also, this restorative procedure has both pros and downsides depending on your scenario.

Rehab Centers in Monroe County

Chapel Hill Medical Detox

They specialize in medical detox, spirits use, and narcotic abuse. The age target is elders and adults. Further, they are solving issues such as

  • Addiction
  • Sexual Habit
  • Anxiety
  • Gambling
  • Depression
  • Substance Use

Also, the communities they are working on are

  • Body positivity
  • Gay
  • Non-binary allied
  • Veterans
  • Transgender
  • Racial justice

Besides, they are offering cure approaches such as 12 step program, dual diagnosis, and pain management. 

Hazelden Betty Ford

They have specialties like habits, alcohol, medicines, and panic. Further, they are solving issues such as anxiety, coping skills, dual diagnosis, substance use, trauma, and PTSD.

Besides, they focus on mental health problems like mood disorders. The targeted age is elders and adults.

Moreover, they are providing intensive outpatient programs and long and short-term residential. The therapy type is older adults. Also, the cure approaches are 12-step, addiction, drug rehab, alcohol rehab, and so on. 

Center For Discovery

They specialize in eating, behavioral cases, and self-esteem. Also, they solve problems such as

  • Depression
  • Coping skills
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Stress

Besides, they offer mental health help such as mood and personality disorders. They target teens and preteens. You can attend the hub alone, in a group, or with a family.

How to Force your Teenager into Rehabilitation?

When you as a parent become aware that your kid has a drug addiction, you must take action. Although children are more prone to reject this form of antidote, as guardians, you understand that it is the only way to assist them.

Your primary priority should be the recovery of your children. Although minor people can be coerced into the hub, the treatment's perspective and the parent-child relationship should allow them to make their own decisions.