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Rehabs in Okeechobee

Rehabs in Okeechobee

Between 2015 and 2016, the number of fentanyl-related deaths in Florida increased by 80%, and methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin use all witnessed large increases in fatalities.

Although Okeechobee, Florida, raises images of a tropical paradise, its residents are actually plagued by a serious issue: substance abuse. Prescription drugs including benzodiazepines, stimulants, and opiates can be very dangerous for many people. For instance, Valium, OxyContin, and Adderall all have the potential to be fatal.

OxyContin first appeared on the market in 1996. Since then, the use of opioids such as painkillers, heroin, and other drugs has become a serious epidemic. Within a few years, "pill mills" or pain clinics began to proliferate all throughout the state. It reached the point where 90% of the prescriptions for opiates on the US market were written by doctors in Florida. This problem continues to have an impact on both the population of Okeechobee and the entire state.

It is crucial to have the guts to go on a path of recovery. The first step you should do if you have a drug or alcohol addiction is to ask for assistance.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Are you looking for rehab in Okeechobee, Florida? There are several options available to you if you're considering drug addiction treatment here. The most crucial step you can take is to select the most helpful option. Finding the plan that will work for you is very important. It will be simpler to determine which Florida addiction facility you need if you are aware of all the available options.

Residential Treatment

In a residential treatment plan, patients have constant access to medical care. They need to stay on-site, that's why it is known as an inpatient option.

Outpatient Treatment

Patients don't require a lot of medical supervision at this point. They may choose to live at home (as long as it is a drug-free setting) or in on-site housing. Detox is not usually necessary for a patient in an outpatient program.

How can you decide which treatment option is best for you? The fact that the addiction professionals working there can evaluate your situation and determine which option you require is one of the reasons so many people choose a national center.

Partial Hospitalization Program

In a partial hospitalization plan, patients have access to medical supervision (PHP). They'll need to complete detox prior to beginning the program.

Detox Facilities

Many detox centers in Okeechobee can help you. If you are addicted to alcohol or benzodiazepines, you might need detox more than other people. If detox is necessary, you will need to complete it before starting a plan. Self-detox can be harmful or dangerous. At this point, you may require medical supervision, which the facility may give you.

However, the whole rehabilitation process includes much more than just plain detox. The best option is to pick a rehab facility that will offer medical support while you are taking your detox and then accept you to an inpatient rehab course. In the end, they will address the causes of your addiction.