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Rehabs in Holmes

Rehabs in Holmes

Holmes County is located in the northwestern part of the US state of Florida, in the Panhandle. Its official center is in Bonifay. As of the 2020 US Census, it had a population of 19,653. This small region offers limited drug rehab services; however, you are still to find some options nearby.

In this territory, some people do have issues when struggling with drug and alcohol dependence. Some rehabs in/nearby Holmes County are here to help them overcome the devastating effects of the addiction. To clarify, addiction costs more than its recovery. In other words, it destroys their family relations, causes loss of finances, and arises problems in the job place.

The thing that a person should remember is that he/she is not alone while struggling with addiction. Besides, there are many healing options accessible throughout the state of Florida, and even across the country. You just need to be ready to get that medical and emotional support.

Read the article to get certain data on available treatment options and find the hub that best suits your recovery goals.

Available Treatment Options

Drug and alcohol rehabs in Holmes County provide a wide variety of comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs and life coaching. Patients are to find all-inclusive healing programs and engage in a support network that will also ensure their successful completion of the program.

In our article, you are to find data on inpatient and outpatient care programs and reveal their main features. Moreover, you are also getting to know the steps of the recovery process, starting from detox to the aftercare or sober living houses.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

This procedure is to reveal the type and intensity of the addiction. The specialists may create an individual treatment plan and advise the facility that best suits your individual needs.


Detox is not a treatment by itself. However, it is the essential first step toward recovery. No one can guarantee the safe and comfortable withdrawal of heavy substances, without medical control.

To clarify, withdrawal symptoms may be painful and cause even deadly effects. After passing this procedure you will be ready to enter an intensive therapy course at the hub.

Inpatient Care

This type of care involves the best combination of cognitive and behavioral therapies. It is tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient. In other words, it provides customized healing plans that involve medical detox, individual and family counseling, life skills training, and more.

This is the most intensive and structured type of care that also brings long-lasting sobriety. To explain, patients live in the hub and receive 24-hour medical and emotional support. The controlled environment also keeps the patients away from the triggers.

Outpatient Program

Those people that have already completed a residential healing course or have a mild level of addiction, may apply for an outpatient program. The latter includes the same components as residential care.

However, the patients don’t have to stay at the hub. They just need to visit the facility several times a week for 3-5 hours. Moreover, they can also continue with their daily responsibilities, such as work or study.


One of the major health insurance providers in the US is Affordable Care Act. The latter provides coverage of the treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Other major health insurance companies are Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Aetna.

Choose the rehab in Holmes County, FL, and check if your insurance plan is acceptable there or not. People may also apply for the services of state-funded and free rehabs. Just check your eligibility and observe the possible Medicare and Medicaid coverages.