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Rehabs in Lee

Rehabs in Lee

Lee County is situated on the Gulf Coast of Southwest Florida and has over 760,000 residents according to the 2020 census.  The county seat is the city of Fort Myers, which is also a commercial center. 

Having a dense population influences the growth of narcotic or alcohol abuse. It makes this place one of the highest death rates across states due to substance overdose. As of 2015-2017 data, the drug overdose took 482 lives, which is the highest number of all states in the U.S. 

To fight against this issue and many other devastating consequences, several treatment centers were established. Let’s take a look at the options for rehabs in Lee County, Florida. 

Types of Rehab Facilities 

There are different restorative options that are in accordance with the patient’s needs. The common types of rehabs include: 

  • Outpatient
  • Inpatient or residential
  • Detox

An individual, who chooses an inpatient program, needs to stay at the residential facility on a permanent basis until his/her recovery. The research shows that this is particularly beneficial to people who suffer from severe cases of addiction. Individuals may opt for this if they have mental health problems in addition to dependency. Because of daily exposure to a healthy environment, staying at the facility might help one resist temptation. 

Outpatient programs include therapy sessions and counseling as a part of recovery while the patient stays at home. This enables a person to be with his/her family members and have regular attendance at therapy sessions at the same time. Outpatient programs may take place both at the clinic and at the rehabilitation. 

There is also a detoxification treatment which is an intensive care program. The medical detox may last from 7 days up to several weeks based on the level of addiction. 


Prior to starting a healing process, it is necessary to understand the issues of substance abuse in-depth. That’s why there is an evaluation process that involves the following steps: 

  • Screening
  • Assessment
  • Recovery plan

If you think you should get a drug and alcohol evaluation in Lee County, first head to the rehabilitation centers. In Fort Myers alone, there are 16 centers offering outpatient, residential, or partial hospitalization programs.  Once you choose the spot, specialists will arrange a screening test for you. 

Professionals can be therapists, doctors, social workers, nurses, etc. The screening will evaluate whether the level of substance usage is: 

  • Social use
  • Abuse OR
  • Dependence

In the case of social use, you usually don’t go further into the in-depth review. However, if it falls under the last two categories, they move on to the detailed interview. 


When a person passes the screening and the issue can be diagnosable, professionals start a thorough assessment process. They will go further into the details of substance use including his/her medical history check. 

The reason for assessing the problems deeply is to come up with a solid treatment plan, which will help a person to recover fully and get back to normal life. There are two common tools that professionals use during the assessment: 

  • Go over the Diagnostic Interview Schedule (DIS-IV) 
  • Determine the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) 

The first tool confirms or denies the presence of addiction, while the second one decides its severity. 


When it comes to covering the costs of rehab, the general health insurance policy usually takes care of it. However, you should keep in mind that this can depend on many factors such as your facility, the whole cost of recovery, etc. 

To go to rehab in Lee County without insurance, you can opt for private ones or free-of-charge options. In case you want private health insurance or free options, here are some examples: 

  • Operation PAR - Medication Assisted Patient Services
  • Salus Care 
  • White Sands Alcohol and Drug Rehab - Fort Myers