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Rehabs in DeSoto

Rehabs in DeSoto

DeSoto county is located in the central part of the state of Florida. Despite its small population of only 33,976 people, the area has many problems. One of them is the prevalence of substance abuse among the population. Although its rates have been declining since 2019, the problem is still present. As a result, many people lose their lives or dramatically worsen the quality. However, this can be prevented if people look for help in time. And this is what DeSoto county rehabs are for.

Drug and Alcohol use Evaluation

On your way to getting better, the first thing you should do is undergo an evaluation. It consists of two stages.

First, you go through screening. This is a simple process that aims to identify the existence of an issue. Due to its simplicity, you may fill out the questionnaire yourself as well.

Then, there is the second stage - the assessment. It is a more complex process that only professionals conduct. Here, the psychologists working with you try to discover your problem’s specifics through various tests, check-ups, and in-depth questionnaires. They might also refer you to medical professionals for additional screenings. All of these are done to understand the full picture of your issue.

After finishing these two stages, the psychologists working with you create a treatment plan best suitable for your needs.

Choosing the Right Rehab

When choosing a rehab in DeSoto County, you will follow the recommendations from your evaluation. This way, you attend a place that is best suitable for your needs. However, there are two major programs of rehab care that you should be aware of when making the final decision.

Firstly, there is the inpatient program. Here, the hospital requires its patients to stay at the facility during the whole period of recovery. Due to its intensive nature, it is a good option for those with severe cases of dependency. To ensure effective healing, the professional staff is always present and ready to support their patients. Moreover, this is a good way to be away from your regular negative triggers.

Secondly, there is the outpatient program. Unlike the inpatient one, outpatient rehabilitation does not require you to stay at the facility. Instead, you go in for a few hours to receive treatment and go home. This is a better choice for those with milder forms of addiction. Also, this is a chance to stay connected to your everyday environment and activities while getting better.

Apart from the aforementioned differences, there are many other distinctions and specifications. For example, there are many specialty rehabs where the recovery plan is designed for groups based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and more.

Luxury Centers

Some places offer special services and conditions for their patients. These are called luxury places. Here, the center adopts a more holistic approach and tries to heal the person as a whole instead of only focusing on their addiction. Located in remote areas and surrounded by nature, these institutions are ideal for rest and recovery. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that they are also much more expensive than regular ones.


When it comes to payments, you have many options. Most hospitals accept private insurance as well as direct payments. However, if you have hardships affording the costs, treatment will still be available for you. A great option is to apply for a government-sponsored aid called Medicaid. Also, the facility might make cost reductions or offer free services depending on your financial situation.


Of all the groups, teenagers are the most vulnerable when it comes to substance abuse and dependency. This is why you should be very careful to prevent your kids from developing a dependency. However, if they already have an addiction, you must get them to a rehabilitation center. There are specialty institutions specifically designed for this age group that can be very helpful. Some teenagers will be reluctant at first, but through discussions and conversations, you can agree. Make sure they know that you are by their side and that they have your full support throughout the whole process.