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Rehabs in Indian River

Rehabs in Indian River

Indian River is considered the Treasure Coast of Florida. It is famous for its luxurious beaches and good resources of gold and silver found on the seafloor. 

However, as the whole country struggles with drug and alcohol addiction problems this part of the USA also does so. So, in this article, we will spot the points that will assist you to get rid of these issues and finding good rehabs in Indian River County.

Treatment Programs

Realizing the importance of starting curing is a crucial step to take. Yet, before going through the main process you have to know its basic phases.

So, you should begin with an evaluation. This is necessary to learn whether you have co-occurring diseases or dual diagnoses to treat them accordingly. Also, you need to get an assessment from a doctor or psychiatrist.

Next comes detox. This is a medical process of removing toxic substances from the organism to make the following treatment smoother. As you may guess, this also must be done under medical supervision to prevent unwanted after effects.

After successfully passing through the above-mentioned phases, you may move forward to reveal a qualifying treatment program and a clinic. There are two main courses available. 


This method requires the individuals to stay in the hospital 24 hours a day. During this time they receive medical and psychological care. Also, they participate in individual and group meetings. What is more significant, they get continuing care and condition follow-up.

Realizing the importance of family support some centers also include relatives, parents, and friends in courses.


Next comes the outpatient option. In this case, you do not have to stay in the clinic for a long time. Just a few visits per week based on your health condition are enough to reach the desired outcomes. This is a very convenient variant for working or studying persons who can not quit their everyday routine.

In many cases, people choose in and out approaches at the same time. This is very beneficial in some stages of curing.

Also, teletherapies are popular. The sufferers are treated professionally by licensed therapists via textual chat, video, and audio calls.

Luxury Rehabs in Indian River County, Florida

As the curing process is not so easy both in the physical and psychological aspects then it is highly important to prioritize at least the patient’s convenient stay in the hospital. 

Although there is a big difference between the costs some people choose to enter luxury rehabs in this province. Here we present some of them below:

  • Substance Awareness Center of IRC - offers regular and intensive outpatient services and social skills development. Here you will also meet outcome follow-up, mentoring, and peer support. You should contact them via this phone number: 772-770-4811.
  • Phoenix Rising Wellness Center - presents outpatient services, dual diagnosis healing, mental health, and housing services. You should call them via 772-584-3692 mobile number.

Rehabilitation Insurance

Taking into account the main financial problems the patients face during the rehabilitation in some places insurance is fully accepted. In this county, you can highly benefit from Medicaid, Medicare, and public health insurance. 

Also, you are able to reveal places accepting state assistance. Or else you may benefit from sliding scale pricing. This is determined based on your regular income.

Forcing Teenagers to Enter Rehabs 

Drug and alcohol addiction issue is becoming a big threat to teenagers as well. While the parents and relatives are concerned about their condition there are some rules they can not break anyway. 

So, if the teen is less than 18 years then parents and caregivers have a total allowance to oblige them to enter a clinic. They are, as well as, able to select a qualifying hospital and make appointments with physicians without their consent.

However, if the patient is an adult then no one has a legal right to force him/her to do anything regarding their rehabilitation. They are the ones who have to make decisions, choose a rehab, and start healing.